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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sat 5/4: Danny Glover at Tremont Temple?

Am blogging on-the-go for the first time.

It looks like Danny Glover is part of presentation on Haiti and the US Civil War.

It's a free program I would have otherwise listed...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Charity Gig 3/3 -- Sorta Muddy Rudder and more

Yes, the flyer is my "Sally Struthers" attempt to make you give some to charity. These are actually some of the kids at the orphanage in El Salvador where my friends Liz & Erick go to help. I doubt that I'd ever use my vacation time to do volunteer work -- but I'd help them raise money for supplies, etc.

So we're having a last-minute rock-athon to see what we can do. It turns out that Efrain can't make it on Saturday, but Erick is going to join Derek and I on drums. (That's where *Thuddy* Rudder comes from. Well, Stewart & I thought it was funny...)

We'll probably play one longish set around 7:30. I wouldn't expect to hear any new songs from us, but they may sound different... The Big John will hit the stage around 9-ish.

The Big John is actually Erick, his former bandmate Jamil, and I. (The name is honor of the USS John F. Kennedy, which will be in Boston for the last time this weekend.) We've practiced a couple times, and we're planning on doing 2 sets. It doesn't sound too bad.

On whole, the entertainment isn't worth $10, but the money goes to help the kids, so you’re improving your karma simply by showing up... I know the raffles include a Coco Crisp autographed baseball as well some gift certificates and other stuff... I'm told the drink special will be called 'The Big John'...

Nothing spectacular, but it should be a fun time. Come on down to the Black Horse Tavern, if you don't have anything else to do.


Friday, December 08, 2006

12/9 -- Before Murphy's Law

Hey, folks.

If you want to hang out before 10:30pm, the band is meeting at Boston Beer Garden at 9pm, because it's just a block or so from Murphy's Law.

734 E Broadway, South Boston


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Saturday Gig, 12/9


There’s a private party until 10pm, so we're starting a little bit later than usual. I might pre-game at another nearby spot before heading over. Once it's been determined where, I’ll post it here.

I thought we were really going to suck, but practice has been coming along. This will definitely not be a (very) crappy performance.

As usual there will probably be a couple songs by the "Rob V Experience" in between sets. I thought I was going to play holiday-themed songs, but I've gotten requests for "Freebird", Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in entirety, and something by The Cure. We'll see...

(If all goes according to plan, there might even be some cheap gifts for audience members...)

Hope to see some people there! haha.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gig on Saturday, July 8

Awright. We're doing it again. I feel that like it's not "a show" -- we just hang out and play songs for a good time.

It's a party we're throwing after Independence Day, and we'd love to hang out with you; because we miss you, and we don't get out enough to do other stuff with you...

We'll do some Petty, Stones, Beatles, Everclear, Oasis, Sublime, U2, etc. -- as well as Prince, Foo Fighters, Killers, and more... Of course, I'll do a few that the rest of the band didn't want to do, and it will RAWK.

There might be other surprises: Pete Cool (Trinidad & Tobago rapper) will drop a new 'joint'... Maybe a prize or two -- maybe none...

(The flyer is a quickie. I hope you like it.)


Ben Affleck at Murphy's Law

We were going to play a show at Murphy's Law last month, but friggin' Ben Affleck was filming his new movie there -- "Gone Baby Gone", based on the Dennis Lehane novel.

It should be pretty cool, because Murphy's Law is mentioned by name in the movie. The best part is that this is the big scene in the movie where the whole mystery is unveiled. I was talkng to Scott at Murphy's Law recently, and I was getting pumped about it.

They slightly changed the interior, but it'll be recognizable. Our regular spot!

New Song Update

After several months of drinking, watching the Red Sox, and having other things to do... We've added -five- new songs. I will keep you in suspense, but you might like a couple...


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Picking the new songs.

We got together last night. It was supposed to be a regular practice, but we stayed at the bar to figure out what songs we wanted to add. We're going to try to focus on good-time party songs that are a little more current. With about 25-30 that we all barely agreed on, we should find 10 that will rock your booties. Stay tuned...

You probably know us if you're reading this, so feel free to get in touch and suggest your favorite song.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Okay, maybe I'll actually post things here...

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the show! (If you weren't there, many actually were.) I've made a proposal to the other guys that we learn 10 new songs before we play again, so we'll see what happens. Now that DL is done cavorting with crazy Russians around the country, we'll be at the practice space together soon -- to drink.

I saw this photo on my computer and wanted to posted it. This was a great evening I hung out with the very great woman pictured here.